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  •  Reasonable design, durable quality, easy turnover, neat stacking, easy management, it’s widely used in machinery, automotive, appliance, electronic, food,medical industries.

  • Anti- acid and alkaline, anti-oil, wide adaptability to the environment temperature(-25~+60), make  it quite suitable for enterprise logistics transit, storage, manufacturing processing and other closed-loop distribution system.

  • It can be used cooperatively with plastic pallets, as well as other logistics containers and station tools.

  • Suitable for all kinds of production management sites, turnover box helps enterprise to implement  general integration management, and is a must-have for enterprise to really achieve modern logistic management.

Model External Dimension(mm) Inside Dimension(mm) Volume/100PCS
Unfold Folded
600-340 600*400*340 565*365*325 8.16m³ 1.92m³
600-280 600*400*280  565*365*265 6.72m³ 1.92m³
600-230 600*400*230 565*365*215 5.52m³ 1.92m³
600-175 600*400*175 565*365*160 4.32m³ 1.92m³
500-300 530*410*290 500*380*290 6.3m³ 1.73m³
500-240 530*410*240 500*380*230 5.2m³ 1.73m³
500-170 530*410*180 500*380*170 3.91m³ 1.73m³


1. Saving Space: After  folding, empty box can be reduced in size by 3/4,so the  warehouse storage area  can be largely reduced for flexible use.


2.  Saving logistic fee: After  transporting goods to destination, empty  box can be folded to small size, largely saving logistic cost during   return journey.

3. Clean: Plastic box meet requirements for food grade applications, and it’s easy to clean between use. 


4. Eco-friendly:100% plastic made, no metal part, so it’s no need to disassemble when recycle.100% recycled, saving more labor force and more friendly to environment.

5. A complete range of specificationsDifferent size to meet your proposed application

1.Why choose us?

A. High production capacity: Our factory 28000 square meters, now 180 employees,  using most advanced facility and Germany technology, this guarantee the quality and produce efficiently to large extent. We can produce 12,000pcs per day, and 300,000pcs per month.

B. Full experience:10 years manufacturer and export experience.

C. Good quality: Most advanced produce equipment & Germany technology, meet ISO 9001 standards.

D. Competitive  price: We are the direct factory manufacturing from the PE raw material, so there’s no business gap between us.

E. On time delivery: the production time is usually 15~20 days.

F. Long term guarantee: We guarantee 3 years in right use. We always stand behind of our products. Any inquiry form customer, we will handle within 24 hours.


2.How can I know which pallet suits my use ?  

All you need is give below details and our sales team will propose suitable models ,

a) Pallet size Length *Width *height.

b) Pallet usage: flooring use pallet , stackable pallet, rack pallet.

c) Pallet load capacity: static load, dynamic load, , racking load accordingly.

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