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With the storage system become more and more mature, to improve the efficiency of warehouse work, safety and utilization, rack system are being widely applied to more supermarket, logistics center, and warehouse in many large factories, such as electronic, hardware, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, etc. Pallet rack can be used with electric fork truck and other equipment to meet different needs. In addition to rack itself, rack pallet play an important role in the storage system.
The mostly used as a rack pallet is grid deck three runner pallet. Steel tube holes are reserved on the deck and runners. Once racking demand is over 800kg, customer use plastic pallet with steel tubes.The number of steel tubes can be added according to the actual bearing demand. And we assemble the steel tubes into the pallet before shipment. Pallet have different color choice. One customer from us uses yellow color to match their rack beam. Another customer use different color to distinguish raw material, semi-finished and finished products. Raw material in green, semi-finished in red,and finished products in blue. Rack and rack pallet solve the problem of cargo storage in disorder, and mold making plastic pallet in fixed size improve staff and goods security in storage procedure. Many enterprise bring in automatic storage system, only extremely standardized plastic pallet can satisfy the standard demand, in which case handmade wooden pallet is unparalleled.


Hygienic pallet is ideal for food, medicine, paper, flour or other industries where hygiene is most important. The key feature of this pallet is totally flat top deck, so well compliance with EU safety legislation.No grids or areas where dirt and dust can adhere, easily cleaned manually, no mildew,which is designed to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements.
As a leading supplier of seasoner, Hengshun require their products to be transported on plastic pallets. They do not want use wood pallet in workshop turnover,as their Procurement Engineer says"Wooden pallets is difficult to keep clean, they can shatter, peel off, or collect dirt or bacteria”. While plastic pallet is easy to maintain,can simply use water to clean, no flake,no burr and thorn. 
A flat top deck hygienic pallet is not easy to hide dirt,what’s more,totally flat deck cause less pressure marks on the cargo. 


Traditional wooden pallets may get wet during shipping, they can shatter, peer off, or collect dirt or bacteria. And solid wood pallets need fumigating when export, and are in a expensive price. To solve this contradiction, an export use container pallet emerged. Made in recycled HDPE material, usually in black color, it’s much cheaper than 100% new HDPE made pallet, same load capacity, export one-way pallet become an economic solution.
100% size consistency and nestable, they are lighter, leading to a reduction in shipping and transportation fees.
No nails or splinters,they are safer in manual handling.
After import, pallet goods can be directly distributed to every sales branch, Instead of having to manually move the goods onto their own pallets,which makes the transit more efficiently. 
This recycled pallet is environmentally friendly, after finish using the pallet, you can sell the wased pallet to plastic recycled agent will take your pallet away ,maximum return on investment.

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