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News and Events

  • Application of Plastic Turnover Box in Food Industry

    With the development of production and the emergence of new technologies, it involves new problems of "logistics technology", one of which is the container "turnover box". Because many workshops are scattered in urban areas, or even far away in the suburbs, parts and components need to be transferre

  • Plastic Pallets - The Ideal Tool for Warehousing, Logistics and Handling

    The plastic pallet is made of thermoplastics such as PE/PP and some additives for improving the function are added into it, which are processed by injection molding, blow molding and other techniques. With the increasing demand for production conditions, storage conditions, process control, quality

  • Problems Have To Be Considered When Plastic Pallets Used with Plastic Logistics Boxes

    A plastic pallet is a logistics unit used in conjunction with logistics equipment such as forklifts and shelves. It can be used to store, load and transport goods. It is one of the essential logistics equipment in modern logistics and warehousing. The appearance of plastic pallets meets the needs of

  • Factors to Consider While Choosing Plastic Pallet Boards

    Plastic pallet boards are available across the globe. These boards are of great importance. They are used in different fields. There was a time when people were only interested in buying and using wooden pallet boards. With time, the wooden pallets boards got replaced by plastic ones as they are mor

  • How to Choose Good-quality Plastic Pallet Boards?

    Most of the companies to make their supply chain management smooth and faster are slowly making use of plastic pallets instead of wooden pallet boards. This is mainly due to the change in rules and regulations brought in by different countries worldwide. Today, you can find a large number of compan

  • Where to Buy Collapsible Turnover Container?

    For the beginners, it is a unique challenge to look for the reliable and best quality of collapsible turnover containers from the marketplaces. Still, it would be a daunting task for you even though if you completely know what containers is all about. Commonly, first-time buyers might be considering

  • Customer from Philippines Purchased Nine Legs 4-Way Plastic Pallets

    In August 2019, friends from Philippines purchased 1200*1000*150 Nine Legs 4-Way Plastic Pallets from us. It will be used in electronic industry. Customer form Philippines found us and inquired about our products in details.Our salesman answered all the questions and solved customers’ problems. Fina

  • Which Plastic Trays Are Used In Supermarkets

    From the past couple of decades, we have observed that technology has evolved rapidly and it has changed our lifestyle. Same has been the procedure for shopping and selling multiple items in supermarkets. In the early days, supermarkets used to rely on wooden or steel cabinets for displaying their p

  • How does Plastic Pallet Structure Effect the Ability of Bearing?

    A pallet is a frame of plastic or wood, and other materials such as metals which are used in the movement of load since it facilitates the handling and lifting with the use of forklifts.

  • How is the plastic pallets be made?

    There are different methods to make plastic pallets OEM. The manufacturers pick the method according to their liking. Each method has its specific advantages and costs. At present, you can easily find different types of plastic pallets like double-sided, nine legs, and damp-proof plastic pallets.


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