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News and Events

  • Which Plastic Trays Are Used In Supermarkets

    From the past couple of decades, we have observed that technology has evolved rapidly and it has changed our lifestyle. Same has been the procedure for shopping and selling multiple items in supermarkets. In the early days, supermarkets used to rely on wooden or steel cabinets for displaying their p

  • How does Plastic Pallet Structure Effect the Ability of Bearing?

    A pallet is a frame of plastic or wood, and other materials such as metals which are used in the movement of load since it facilitates the handling and lifting with the use of forklifts.

  • How is the plastic pallets be made?

    There are different methods to make plastic pallets OEM. The manufacturers pick the method according to their liking. Each method has its specific advantages and costs. At present, you can easily find different types of plastic pallets like double-sided, nine legs, and damp-proof plastic pallets.

  • 5 Ways to Choose Right Damp Proof Plastic Pallets for Your Store

    In the store, everything has to work properly to ensure efficiency. It is important to have the right tools to move the items. Some of these tools include plastic pallets. These pallets are useful in transporting items in the store. You can also use them to transfer items into diverse regions.

  • Plastic Pallets Cold Resistance Analysis

    Plastic Pallets are available across the globe. They play an essential role in the supply chain. These pallets are not only used for storage but transportation as well. They have several advantages which make them stand out.

  • Where to buy large plastic storage containers?

    Plastic storage containers are the best options to store and manage different things. They come up in different sizes so you can easily pick one of your choices. These containers are functional, versatile and easy to use. Many people use them to store clothes in different seasons.

  • Can Plastic Pallets be Recycled?

    Plastic Pallets have many benefits. They are not just good for one particular industry but all. These pallets are light in weight. It is quite simple to clean them due to which its use is increasing among the European exporters. Nevertheless, some people do not know how to deal with the new pallets.

  • What are Plastic Pallets used for?

    First, we answer the question in one simple sentence, then we talk about it descriptively in the ensuing words. A plastic pallet is used for stacking and mechanical handling that is related to logistics or supply chain. An example of this can be a plastic pallet being used for forklift transport in the warehouse.

  • Standard Plastic Pallet VS Plastic Euro Pallet

    When you decide to buy plastic pallets, you need to choose from two different kinds of designs such as stackable pallets or nestable pallets. Both of them have their unique characteristics.

  • Where to Find an Industrial Plastic Pallets Manufacturers

    Whenever you need to hire the services of a manufacturer of plastic pallets you can come to us. Here, in Jiangsu Force, we provide our clients with a multi-year experience, which makes us one of the best valued companies in our segment of activity.


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